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Oklahoma Products Liability Lawyers
If you are a manufacturer or distributor of any type of product, you need a law firm that understands how to protect your business from liability.

Oklahoma Products Liability Lawyers are very important because a product liability claim can be filed against anyone involved in manufacturing, selling or distributing a product that has allegedly harmed a consumer. A valid claim has to include proof that the product is defective in design, manufacturing or marketing (improper instructions or failure to warn consumers of possible dangers that might result from using the product). The nature of this practice area is such that it often leads to class action litigation. CSM attorneys have experience in handling product liability cases including but not limited to, claims regarding medical devices, pharmaceuticals, construction equipment, household items and vehicle defects.

The firm represents manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of products. Many of our clients are market leaders and innovators and trust in our Oklahoma Products Liability Lawyers.